How helpful heuristic virus detection can be?

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With the rise of new sophisticated viruses and the new variant of each one, Zeus for example, the need for a fast, accurate and reliable method for detection has arrived and heuristic virus detection is this method.

Random attacks of viruses

Many people have suffered from the attacks of viruses. Whatever the purpose of these viruses are and why its creators have made it, it remains a fact that it can do nothing but cause destruction to the computers that it successfully penetrates. These viruses are fairly easy to detect before because of their unusual features such as having a very different file name. So, whenever there is a suspicious file, it will make you think that it can be a virus and you can prevent yourself from accessing it because it is where the damage can start.

Evolution of viruses

Now, there is already a hard time trying to figure them out because there are times that even antivirus software cannot know their existence. It leaves you with no other option but to be more careful if you do not want to be in trouble. But there is a newly developed method called heuristic virus detection which is employed to detect suspicious programs or files that can be destructive.

Understand the roots

Have some time to understand what a virus is. Viruses are not only destructive to computer programs but it can be more disparaging to you too. It has the power to alter computer programs, corrupt data and gain access towards your private information.
The damage that it brings can be so huge that you will find it hard to neither recover nor bring everything back in place again. No matter what is the reason behind for creating these viruses, it points out to the fact that whoever the creator is, he has not used his skills and ability for the betterment and improvement in the field of technology but he has used it for destruction.

What measures were done to fight this virus?

The introduction of heuristic virus detection system is one of the major breakouts that is used to battle against spread of these viruses which usually comes from malicious software. This method is usually incorporated on antivirus programs to make their function better.
They are now more on prevention than detection alone. They do this by analyzing the chances that a certain system is to be exposed to potential risk. There are various methods that can be used for this to strengthen security.

How does this work?

There have been many reported attacks from these viruses. It does not choose who the victim will be. As long as you are running certain programs and you are a computer user, you can always be the next victim. Thanks to antivirus programs because they will keep you protected.
The use of heuristic virus detection does not only work towards detecting known viruses but it also aims to notice even those that are not yet known or are still camouflaging their identities from their true identity.
So, how is it done? The AV program will not only work towards the detection of the known virus but it will now move forward towards the analysis of the characteristic of a certain file and extracting a pattern of its behaviour and comparing it to other existing malware. Once it has resulted to some percentage of similarities, the user will then be alerted.
Methods for heuristic virus detection

Is it effective?

It is effective towards detecting viruses that haven’t been known before. With this being used by most antivirus programs, preventing it from destroying your system can be increased. With an in-depth analysis and thorough detection process, the potential damage that these viruses can bring will be prevented.